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Hello, my name is Mercy Kosonei, I’m married to Hosea Kosonei and we are blessed with one daughter Alpha Keziah. Am glad to meet you here, I wish I could see you but I believe you will have fun as you hang around.

I studied psychology in my undergraduate degree and am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Christian Studies as well as a certificate in Christian Mental health coaching.

I’m passionate about mental health not because I did psychology but because I lived with mental illness in my family since I was young. My Mum suffered postpartum depression which no one knew about except the doctors probably. We grew with all types of antidepressants medication (which I learned about when I was in college) in almost every corner of the house to a point where my little sisters ingested them for fun and ended up being in a medical emergency, fortunately, they are now grown-ups 🙂

Being the firstborn, I had to shoulder most of my mum’s responsibilities because she was dysfunctional she wasn’t at home most of the time. We got used to staying alone with our dad who later married a second wife also. Everything changed completely and we started relying on the support of our grandparents and relatives who were always very supportive.

My grandfather who passed on later (may his soul rest in peace) seemed to have understood what my mum was going through gave her full support. I have a long story around here but let it be enough for now. My mum is currently stable through his constant support. it took me long to grief the loss but God gave me hope at that time.

What I went through as a kid affected me as well but I didn’t know until I did psychology in college. I had lived in constant fear and anxiety which affected my physical health and took me in and out of hospitals with negative laboratory tests :). I wish I knew about psychology and mental health, I could not have gone through all that pain and distress. I have learned to manage my stresses and anxieties and I want to teach people about this and how they can prevent it. That’s the reason why I keep saying that mental health problems are common only that if you live in Kenya like me or in developing countries, you may never get the diagnosis when you visit the hospital. You will be treated for ‘unknown’ diseases and you wonder why you are not getting well.

I have decided to convert all those life experiences to help other people know about their mental health and teach them to learn how to manage and prevent future occurrences of mental illness. Am passionate about integrating psychology with spirituality in the concept that we need to take care of the whole person, that is the physical, biological, psychological relational, and spiritual aspects. We are not just physical beings, all this other aspect are interconnected so that if one is affected, all of them will be affected as well. Consider for example what happens when you are stressed, you will probably withdraw from your social network, you will have headaches and stomach aches and you will feel low in your spirit.

That’s my story! What’s your story? Contribute and encourage someone going through what you went through or you are going through now and I will publish it for you.


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