Embrace life beyond is an initiative which aims at creating mental health awareness, promoting basic community training on the various aspects of psycho-social-spiritual issues, cognition and performance, and the importance of mental health wellness. 

We believe in a world where every person can live a complete life with full potential. To achieve this, the whole aspect of human life should be taken into consideration, that is, the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dynamics of life. 


We seek to take care of the whole person by promoting the integration of psychology and christian faith, conducting research to educate you on how to live a mentally healthy lifestyle and providing you with self-care tools and resources to help you manage your well-being.


We belief that prevention is better than cure.

We are promoting accessible and affordable mentally healthy lifestyle.


Hi there, welcome to this blog! CUP OF TEA OR COFFEE? 🙂

Well, my name is Mercy am a mental health advocate and an upcoming mental health coach. I’m particularly concerned with helping people to be aware of their mental health condition just as they are with their physical health.

My work as a mental health coach is to help you accept your current reality and design plans for your future well-being. I currently focus on mental health sensitization and education with an aim of helping people understand that mental health exist and their is need for us to daily self-manage ourselves to prevent future occurrence of mental illness.

Don’t be on a hurry to leave, feel free to walk around this house and learn something about your mental health today!

If you want to reach out to me, just send me a message at the contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.