Practical ways of dealing with COVID generated fear, worry, and anxiety.

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 We are facing a worldwide crisis and many of us are in places which are already affected by the corona Virus. Panic is gripping through peoples’ throats and many are bracing up for the uncertainties ahead. How can we manage our thoughts from being affected by the catastrophe?

There are many things we can do to overcome these fears and anxieties.

  1. Stay informed but don’t over follow the negative energy presented by the media. Preferably get updates from trust worth sources like the CDC, WHO, and the Ministry of Health. Step away from the media if you feel worried and just ask someone reliable to give you updates.
  2. Stay socially connected with family and friends even when physically disconnected. We are wired for connections and therefore we may not function well without socializing. Social media can bridge this gap but be mindful of how you use it as well.
  3. Find ways to exercise- look for online exercise videos to follow and there are plenty of them on YouTube. Exercise relieves stress and anxiety
  4. Avoid substance abuse such as alcohol and other substances as a means of dealing with anxiety. The truth is, they don’t end them, they just postpone those feelings and may even keep aggravating to worse levels. Eventually, you may begin experiencing other mental problems like hallucinations or delusions.
  5. Help others if you can, it will help you feel more in control. Don’t be selfish, realize that you are not the only one feeling fearful, many other people do as well. If you can offer a helping hand, go ahead. Donate food, encourage others, and be kind. Compassion has a way of supporting your own mental health amid the anguish accompanying this pandemic.
  6. Focus on the things you can control. It’s natural to be concerned about what might happen for example with your job, children, family, etc. but what is important for now is safety. Handle what comes first like avoiding crowded places and maintaining a good physical distance, washing hands, avoid touching your face, wear a mask when you go out, stay home if you can and get enough sleep. Encourage your loved one to keep safe as well and that well you’ll reduce your worries.

Consider this simple technique of handling fear;

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Give fear a warm greeting like an old friend who came to check on you and just passing by, most probably fear is not going to stay around for long and will not stay more than you want it to. This will do the trick. Invite fear for a Cup of tea and listen to what it has to say. Ask fear catching up questions for example, what is the worst thing that can happen? and what else? Do I have other options? Etc. (Write out the details of each circumstance and Validate them as a real feeling and not the truth about you or your situation). Remember fear is not a regular friend it just needs to be heard, it doesn’t expect you to accept or deny what it has to say and certainly doesn’t know that you don’t have all the answers to its questions right now, but of course, you will pretend to be confident because when it comes to action all you have to do is what you can the best way you know.

Embrace fear with love and let it know that you value it’s coming over to check on you. Realize that you don’t have to take fear’s story because you have a choice to make given that many other options are yet to be explored. Sieve fear’s story and let wisdom float in the strands. Be grateful for the pieces of wisdom leftover in the strand and open for it the door. Give it a warm hand of goodbye and let it go on its way. (Pluck the paper and burn it)

The technique is comedic, right? That’s how confidence takes over and the brain can generate possible solutions instead of shutting down.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it helpful. Hit the comment button and let me hear your thoughts on the topic. Stay Safe and keep mentally fit.


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