Embrace life beyond is a mental health initiative which aims at creating mental health awareness, promoting basic community training on psycho-socio-spiritual aspects of life, and promoting integration of those aspects for a mentally healthy society. I believe in a world where every person can live a complete life with full potential. To achieve this, the whole aspect of human life should be taken into consideration, that is, the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dynamics of life. Just as we are aware of our physical health, we need to be aware also of our mental health. I particularly promote care of the whole person and conduct research and write blogs to educate people on how to live a mentally healthy lifestyle through self-help preventive measures.


I welcome partnership and Collaborations particularly on how we can create mental health awareness in Kenya.


This is a non-profit christian ministry which depend on unpaid voluntary service. If you want to join the the movement please read how you can contribute here.


If you love what i do you can patner with me through your finacial donation. It will help me run and maintain this website and be able continue providing free services.


Share your mental health story of recovery and I will publish it for you. Read instructions here.

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